2019 Data Breach Investigations Report

The idea is not to target anyone or call people and industries out.  The goal of this collection of data breaches is to help inform people who are trying to protect sensitive information from the hackers who would love to have it.  This helps decision-makers determine where to spend their resources, which is hard enough to allocate when the cost of business continues to rise.  Often c-suite members don’t want to spend money on cybersecurity because they don’t see an immediate return on investment.  However, knowing what is lurking out in the world wide web may change those views.

Industry  Specific Cyber Statistics

No human is perfect, and malicious hackers are getting more savvy every day.

These statistics show you that cyber breaches happen in any, and every, industry.

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“The data set for this report totals over 100,000 incidents, 101,168 to be exact. After we removed the subsets that were detailed in the prior section, and applied minimum complexity filters, the data set used for core analysis is established. Table 2 is the representation of that data set broken out by industry and organization size, when known. Our annual statement on what not to do with this breakout will now follow. Do not utilize this to judge one industry over another – so a security staffer from a construction organization waving this in the face of their peer from the financial sector and trash-talking is a big no-no.”

What percentage of cyber breaches affected your industry?
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