Web Application Vulnerability Scanning

Web Application Vulnerability Scanning is an inspection of the potential points of exploit on your web-based applications and can identify security holes.


Web Application Vulnerabilities

Injection Attacks
mobile application penetration testing
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
mobile application penetration testing
Server / Security Misconfiguration
mobile application penetration testing
Weak Authentication
Insecure Direct Object References
Improper Session Management

Web Application Vulnerability Scanning

Find your security vulnerabilities before malicious hackers do.

Identify Web App Vulnerabilities and Exposures

Web application vulnerability scanning provides companies with the capability to discover vulnerabilities within their applications.

All of our web application vulnerability scans go beyond international standards – such as NIST – and your test will come with a detailed final report.

Your detailed final report will include an executive summary, a listing of risk ratings, remediation recommendations, and more.  A letter of attestation can be provided upon your request.

Throughout the web application vulnerability scanning process, automated testing will be used to identify all application vulnerabilities.

An Affordable Cybersecurity Service

If there’s one thing history has taught us, it’s that the rapid evolution of web applications has forced companies to adapt and evolve their security techniques at an alarming rate.

Regularly performing web application vulnerability scans and assessments can help businesses maintain their security against trending cyber threats.

And with the high internal costs of developing and implementing a proper web application assessment methodology/solution, outsourcing your web application services offers an affordable alternative.

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The MainNerve

MainNerve’s web application vulnerability scans provide automated crawling and testing of web-based applications in order to identify vulnerabilities–which includes cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection. MainNerve web application vulnerability scans are designed with the overarching goal of zeroing in on OWASP Top 10 Risks, the industry standard for categorizing the most critical web app-based vulnerabilities. At the conclusion of the web application vulnerability scan, a comprehensive report will be provided to give insight into how to eliminate identified vulnerabilities.

Web Application
Vulnerability Scanning

We utilize a blend of automated scans using opensource, as well as commercial tools. The results of the scan are reviewed by a highly-skilled MainNerve cyber expert. A web application vulnerability scan (WAVS) is the discovery (spidering) of a web site, identifying potential test points within the web application and performing tests that focus on the OWASP Top 10 list of common vulnerabilities. A MainNerve WAVS will rate each vulnerability with a level of risk. No tests are performed to determine false positives. The goal of a WAVS is to identify as many potential vulnerabilities as possible.


MainNerve will prepare a final report detailing the results of the vulnerability scan. The report will, if relevant to the current project, contain the following sections:

  • Vulnerability Summary
  • Impact Summary
  • List of Vulnerabilities by Severity
    • Vulnerability
    • Impact
    • Remediation
    • Classification
    • Affected URLs

Deliverables will be provided via secure file transfer service by MainNerve. All final deliverables are shared only with approved parties.

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Customers & Partners that Trust MainNerve

What Our Clients Say

Don B.
MainNerve Partner & CEO of FrontierIT

We value our professional relationship with MainNerve. Their employees are friendly and extremely responsive. They always take care of our clients as if they were their own, while maintaining the penetration and social engineering testing. We couldn’t ask for a better Cybersecurity partner.

Investment Management Company

In 12 years of tests, you are the first company that found anything higher than a low risk. Phone and cameras were never discovered in the test, let alone accessed. Great to always get a different perspective from a test.

Office Manager
Investigation Firm

We had our backs to the wall on a “government” contact with an unreasonable time frame. MainNerve team understood the gravity of the problem and made the impossible happen. We are extremely grateful.

Insurance Company

This is the second time we have engaged MainNerve. Both times they have done a great job and I would recommend them for pen testing. They were prompt and delivered the reporting required by our customers at part of our data security program. We will certainly use them in the future.

MainNerve Partner-MSP
We love working with MainNerve.  They are prompt in responding to our requests and help us get pen tests set up for our clients quickly.

MainNerve provided an extremely fast turn around when speed was our biggest factor. The project went smoothly and I would highly recommend them!

Vice President
Actuarial Firm

Our local partner that normally provides us with vulnerability and penetration testing was unable to help us this year. We were lucky enough to find MainNerve as a solution to our problem. MainNerve was very responsive to us and worked under a very tight timeframe to perform vulnerability and penetration testing for us and help us out of a tough situation. They went above and beyond. They provided us with some additional guidance in other security areas as well. We will continue to use MainNerve each year now for our security testing needs. We are glad we found them.

Dental Office

I would highly recommend MainNerve for all of your network system testing needs. From my initial contact, all the way through the end of the services I received, everyone I encountered was courteous, professional, knowledgeable, patient, and very helpful. As a small business owner, who’s business was shut down as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, MainNerve’s service fees were extremely reasonable making it affordable to ensure my network is secure from hackers. I will definitely be a repeat customer!! Thanks MainNerve!!

Software Engineer
IT/ Saas

Sheena was great in guiding us though what was a new process for us. A client had asked us for a third party penn test report and she was very helpful in helping us choose the correct product and in determining the scope.

Technology Company

I was quite pleasantly surprised by the engagement. I think the thing I liked best about it was that everyone at MainNerve really took the time to listen and understand what we did, why we were doing it, and our business goals. It gave us confidence that we were in the right hands.

Dental Office

This is my second encounter with MainNerve and my experience this time was even better, which is impressive considering my first encounter was great. I definitely recommend their services for your testing needs.

Insurance Administrator

Always nice to have a dependable vendor that is fully committed and reasonably priced.


This was our third time around getting penetration and vulnerability scans through Main Nerve. Transactions have always been quick and easy and all involved have been very responsive.

Senior Sales Executive

We were very happy with the experience and the deliverable/reporting.

Managed IT Services

A great organization to work with and true experts and professionals in the field. Their entire team was very responsive and helpful throughout the entire testing process.

IT Manager

It’s been a great partnership for the last 4 years. When NYDFS Cybersecurity regulation was announced back in 2017, I did not have much experience in the security fields such as risk assessment, vulnerability assessment, and Penetration testing and was not comfortable creating the plan. I was searching for information on the internet and came across multiple companies. I contacted MainNerve and they explained the process as well as their background which gave me comfort in the overall process as well as the confidence in the MainNerve team. Also, the cost was very reasonable. Going through the signing, planning, assessment, testing, and reporting, they were in constant contact with me and updated me with steps they are taking and when I can expect the next milestone. When we had delays, they were patient and worked with us. We finished all the assessment and testing in the expected time and now we just do it annually. As our IT environment expands, we increase the scope of the testing, and MainNerve has been very flexible with our plans, budget, and timing. I have introduced the MainNerve to colleagues in other companies in NY and they are also satisfied with the service.

Bill Hungerford

Our company has used MainNerve for a number of years for penetration testing. They are very professional and very thorough. They are careful about not disrupting the organization during the testing and they walk you through the test results in a way that makes understanding them very straightforward. We’ll be using them again soon.- Google Review

AK Broyles

We have utilized MainNerve for three years for our penetration tests as required by our clients. They have always provided fast, efficient, precise and detailed reports that prove more than sufficient to meet our industry’s high level of data security requirements. Pricing is more than reasonable and they are always available to help and provide guidance when needed. Highly regarded and recommended.- Google Review

Tamir Gerber

MainNerve performs periodic Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment for GETIDA web servers. We are completely satisfied with their service level, response times, and pricing. The final reports are useful for both IT professionals (taking care of the findings) and managers (general understanding of information relevant for sales and customer service) here in GETIDA. Also, the reports were viewed and approved by Amazon security auditor. Good job!- Google Review


Great Experienced staff, made the process fast and easy. I appreciated the attention to detail throughout the whole process and will 10/10 use and recommend for those looking to test their network security.- Google Review