Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment

Find vulnerabilities before malicious hackers do. A vulnerability scan detects and classifies system weaknesses and predicts the effectiveness of countermeasures.

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Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment

Correct problems and bring your network devices back into compliance.

Comprehensive Scanning

Network vulnerability scanning provides companies with the opportunity to identify active IP addresses and scan them using industry-leading tools with the ultimate goal of discovering vulnerabilities in both internal and external networks—affordably.

All of our network vulnerability scans and assessments go beyond international standards – such as NIST – and your test will come with a detailed final report.

Your detailed final report will include an executive summary, a listing of risk ratings and remediation recommendations.  A letter of accreditation can be provided upon your request.

Throughout the network vulnerability scanning and assessment process, comprehensive automated testing will be used to identify as many network related vulnerabilities as possible.

Identify Documented Vulnerabilities and Exposures

One of the most significant challenges in securing business environments is having the knowledge required to identify vulnerabilities, prioritize which are the greatest threats posed to your environment, and then remediate any discovered vulnerabilities.

This is where MainNerve’s vulnerability scanning services come into play.

Our industry-leading scanning tools enable you to perform an in-depth scan of all external and internal systems for vulnerability identification and verification.

A vulnerability assessment can verify the findings and ensure they are accurate, removing false positives.

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Systematic Protection
Our Process

The dynamic nature of today’s cloud and on-premise network environments requires persistent vulnerability scanning to defend against the evolving threat landscape and innovative malicious hackers. MainNerve’s network vulnerability scanning services allow you to accurately scan your network, servers, and desktops for security vulnerabilities with the overarching goal of improving your security posture and remediating network vulnerabilities with confidence.

The planning phase of the network vulnerability scanning and/or network vulnerability assessment process includes communicating about on- and off-limit IPs, peers, and systems, otherwise known as scoping, and the overall timeline of the network vulnerability scan or network vulnerability assessment.

Host discovery is the first official stage of the network vulnerability scanning and/or  assessment process. At MainNerve, we utilize active scanning and agent scanning to interactively communicate with targets on the network. These methods are designed to craft and send packets to remote hosts—and detect active IP addresses or “live hosts”. During the host discovery phase, servers, appliances, and other devices on the network are identified.

Following host discovery, service enumeration is performed, where identification of open ports and services available to each discovered system, such as mail and web servers, is performed. Essentially, service enumeration is the process of extracting machine names, network resources, and other services from a system. All information gathered during this phase is used to identify the vulnerabilities during the network scanning phase.

During this core phase of the network vulnerability scanning and/or assessment process, MainNerve performs a port scan to determine what services are running on each active device. This helps determine what types of vulnerability checks to run against a particular port. Following the port scan, all live hosts are scanned with an industry-leading tool to identify vulnerabilities such as missed patches, server misconfigurations, and risky services. Note that vulnerability scanning performs a high-level look of known vulnerabilities, but does not constitute any exploits or intensive verification.

All vulnerabilities are ranked and identified using the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) dictionary and Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), which are industry standards for tracking and calculating vulnerability risks.

An optional Vulnerability Assessment may be added for a MainNerve cybersecurity specialist to perform a comprehensive review of the vulnerability scan results in order to verify or invalidate the findings. This will remove false positives.

At MainNerve, we consider the final phase (reporting) of the network vulnerability scanning and/or assessment process to be the most crucial and instrumental step. During this phase, we take great care to ensure we effectively communicate the value of our service and findings as thoroughly as possible. Our main goal is to ensure that all information from the vulnerability scan and/or assessment is clearly understood and that a roadmap toward remediation is well defined. A comprehensive final report detailing all testing information along with a vulnerability analysis is securely delivered during this step.

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MainNerve’s compliance solutions are designed to help fill one of the biggest challenges for businesses: staying in alignment with the exhaustive list of Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) requirements. From PCI DSS and HIPAA, to CJIS and FINRA, MainNerve can help your business navigate the GRC landscape with specialized penetration tests.

Network Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing assists with the identification and examination of vulnerabilities for external, Internet-facing and internal, intranet systems. A network pen test will help determine whether an attack can exploit and compromise targeted systems. Take the next step to improving your business’ security with a network pen test.

Social Engineering

Social engineering, in the context of information security, is commonly defined as the of persuasion and/or manipulation techniques in order to influence people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. Ensure that your business is secure by testing and evaluating your employees against general phishing and “spear-phishing” attacks.

Customers & Partners that Trust MainNerve

What Our Clients Say

Don B.
MainNerve Partner & CEO of FrontierIT

We value our professional relationship with MainNerve. Their employees are friendly and extremely responsive. They always take care of our clients as if they were their own, while maintaining the penetration and social engineering testing. We couldn’t ask for a better Cybersecurity partner. 

Investment Management Company

In 12 years of tests, you are the first company that found anything higher than a low risk. Phone and cameras were never discovered in the test, let alone accessed. Great to always get a different perspective from a test. 

Managing Partner
Data Warehouse Platform Company

This is a very well written report! Very impressive!

Network Administrator
Enterprise Administration Software Company

The report looks great!

IT Manager
Property Management

I felt the whole project was done in a professional manner.

IT Manager
Insurance Company

Sheena was very kind, quick with replies, and patient with my questions. That is why I also introduced your service to other company.

VP Engineering
Health Care Software and Billing

All the correspondence with MainNerve was great and the staff were very professional and helpful.

Director of Information Technology
Data Analytics Company

I appreciate the level of detail your team incorporates into your findings.

Bug Sweep Specialist

MainNerve crew is top notch.

Chief Technology Officer
Tech & Energy Company

Working with MainNerve has been great and I look forward to a long term partnership to maintain the integrity of our operations.

Office Manager
Investigation Firm

We had our backs to the wall on a “government” contact with an unreasonable time frame. MainNerve team understood the gravity of the problem and made the impossible happen. We are extremely grateful.

Insurance Company

This is the second time we have engaged MainNerve. Both times they have done a great job and I would recommend them for pen testing. They were prompt and delivered the reporting required by our customers at part of our data security program. We will certainly use them in the future.

MainNerve Partner-MSP
We love working with MainNerve.  They are prompt in responding to our requests and help us get pen tests set up for our clients quickly.

MainNerve provided an extremely fast turn around when speed was our biggest factor. The project went smoothly and I would highly recommend them!

Vice President
Actuarial Firm
Our local partner that normally provides us with vulnerability and penetration testing was unable to help us this year. We were lucky enough to find MainNerve as a solution to our problem. MainNerve was very responsive to us and worked under a very tight timeframe to perform vulnerability and penetration testing for us and help us out of a tough situation. They went above and beyond. They provided us with some additional guidance in other security areas as well. We will continue to use MainNerve each year now for our security testing needs. We are glad we found them.
Dental Office

I would highly recommend MainNerve for all of your network system testing needs. From my initial contact, all the way through the end of the services I received, everyone I encountered was courteous, professional, knowledgeable, patient, and very helpful. As a small business owner, who’s business was shut down as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, MainNerve’s service fees were extremely reasonable making it affordable to ensure my network is secure from hackers. I will definitely be a repeat customer!! Thanks MainNerve!!

Software Engineer
IT/ Saas

Sheena was great in guiding us though what was a new process for us. A client had asked us for a third party penn test report and she was very helpful in helping us choose the correct product and in determining the scope.

Technology Company

I was quite pleasantly surprised by the engagement. I think the thing I liked best about it was that everyone at MainNerve really took the time to listen and understand what we did, why we were doing it, and our business goals. It gave us confidence that we were in the right hands.

This is a very well written report! Very impressive!

Managing Partner
Data Warehouse Platform Company

The report looks great!

Network Administrator
Enterprise Administration Software Company

References available upon request.